BTS Jungkook Shares Post Workout Selfie; ARMY Freaks Out Of His Long Hair And Tattoos

BTS Jungkook shares post workout selfie and ARMY freaks out of his long hair and tattoos. Photo by Yun_Q/Flickr
BTS Jungkook shares post workout selfie and ARMY freaks out of his long hair and tattoos. (Photo: Yun_Q/Flickr | Cropped)

BTS Jungkook just gave the ARMY another heart attack. The BTS main vocalist has somewhat given their fans a glimpse of what they could expect from his upcoming Vlog. 

Jungkook is the last member of BTS that will release his vacation Vlog. The clip that, reportedly, includes Jungkook spending time in the gym during the BTS's month-long hiatus is about to be released on October 11. 

While waiting for that, the "Euphoria" singer shared a selfie of him in which his long hair and tattoos are featured. Apparently, the photo was taken in a gym in Saudi Arabia, where BTS is scheduled to have their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert at the King Fahd International Stadium on October 11.

In the snap, Jungkook is clad in a black oversized, long-sleeved shirt while holding his photo and showing off the inks in her right hand. BTS ARMY is freaking out of his long hair, which looks more of a mullet now. It seems like Jungkook has been avoiding scissors since BTS 5th Muster way back in June. 

Aside from the long locks, ARMY also took notice of his tattoos. His hand tattoo sparked discussion among BTS fans on whether it is real or not. Jungkook was first spotted with the inks in his right hand when the K-pop superstars left the country for New Zealand last month. 

However, when BTS released the most recent episode of Run BTS, it can be noticed that JK doesn't have a tattoo on his hand. Some ARMY thinks Jungkook probably got the ink between the Run BTS filming and their trip to New Zealand. Others believe Jungkook has temporary tattoos citing the inks in his hand on his photos for Tokopedia are a little bit faded. 

Regardless if it is real or not, the BTS ARMY is still swooning over his inks as it shows the singer's love and deep appreciation to their fans and his bandmates. BTS Jungkook's tattoos are well thought off. 

He has the letters that stand for "ARMY" in each of his knuckles and the ARMY insignia below the letter "Y." The "Begin" singer also has the letter "J" for his name, Jimin, and Jin, the inverted "V" in the "ARMY" for V, "RM" in the "ARMY" for BTS leader RM, a heart, and what looks like a crown in his forefinger.

Jungkook might still be in the process of contemplating where to put Suga's initial in his hand, or there is already a hidden letter "S" amongst his tattoos.

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