Kim Nam Gil Being Shocked During Trans Siberian Trip Over His Weddning News with Jang Nara

Kim Nam Gil's shocked and flustered image was caught in a camera when he saw the news report of his marriage with Jan Nara during the Trans Siberian trip. 

The tvN's variety program 'Trans Siberian Pathfinders', which was broadcasted on October 10th, showed the lives of Lee Sun-kyun, Kim Nam-gil, Go Kyu-pil and Kim Min-suk on the train. 'Trans Siberian Pathfinders' is a long-awaited reality show that depicts the world's longest trip carried out by travelers who are best friends. A trans-Siberian train is considered one of the favorite lists for travelers. Lee Sun-kyun, Kim Nam-gil, Lee Sang-yup, Go Kyu-pil and Kim Min-sik are starring.

Kim Nam Gil Being Shocked During Trans Siberian Trip Over His Weddning News with Jang Nara
(Photo : tvN screenshot)
Kim Nam Gil Being Shocked During Trans Siberian Trip Over His Weddning News with Jang Nara

Kim Nam Gil was surprised to see all the text messages and Korean internet news when he got up. The news of the marriage of Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara dominated the first and second real-time search terms of major portal sites. In fact, on October 5, it was alleged that the Dispatch, which focused on the online community, posted a wedding article of Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara on that day and deleted it immediately.

According to the captured photographs presented as evidence, the title shows, "[Exclusive] Actor Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara Have Been Dating for Seven Years, to Hold Wedding in November". The photo of Kim and Jang are also shown on the main screen. The sides of both Kim and Jang denied the headline news. 

The media Dispatch, which is known to have reported the marriage, said on the official SNS that the photo is a composite which was fabricated. 

Eventually, the rumor of the marriage between the two people was found to be untrue in an hour, but Kim and Jang have been shocked as they have no acquaintances. It was known that Kim Nam Gil was on a crossing trip at the time of October 10th's broadcast as one of the 'Siberian Team'. Kim was embarrassed by his wedding rumor and said, "Am I Going to Marry?"

Kim Nam Gil said, "I want to say first, I am so sorry for Jang Nara." Lee Sun-kyun asked, "Do you know Jang Nara well?" and Kim replied, "I'm not familiar with her. It is very embarrassing."

Kim made a joke to the production team, "The wedding invitation is not complete yet. Everyone, please come to me." He also repeatedly expressed, "I am sorry for Jang Nara. Isn't a woman's side more in trouble if rumors of affair spreads?" 

The public attention was drawn when the actual reaction of Kim's encounter with the news of the marriage with Jang Nara was broadcasted. The viewers are paying keen attention to Kim's embarrassment and his concern about Jang Nara. Netizens are expressing positive support toward Kim Nam Gil who was concerned about Jang Nara that she may have been damaged by false news.

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