Harry and Meghan in Africa
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, attend a reception for young people, community and civil society leaders at the Residence of the British High Commissioner in Cape Town, South Africa, September 24, 2019. (Photo: Facundo Arrizabalaga/Pool via REUTERS)

Prince Harry's lawsuits against the British press appear vindictive to some royal observers. His personal decision, sans advice and consultation, is dragging the royal family down.

In a report on The Daily Beast, royal observers commented that Prince Harry seems to be unhinged and making himself newsworthy. Going after the press in court was a form of payback or vendetta for the negative press his wife, Meghan Markle, has been receiving.

Prince Harry announced that he was suing Mail on Sunday for publishing a skewed version of Duchess Meghan's private letter to her father. Days after that, Prince Harry also filed two more lawsuits against The Sun and Mirror for alleged phone hacking incidents in the early 2000s.

It's the latter lawsuits that had royal observers baffled. Some of these phone hacking accusations dated back to when Prince Harry was in his teens. So, why is the duke uncovering old issues?

A source said that most of the phone-hacking cases filed in the British court don't have any direct evidence. However, it was a way for complainants to go after the media that published stories because someone has tipped them off. Prince Harry "wants to make a big public statement" out of this practice because of the way Duchess Meghan has been written about in the press, according to the unnamed observer.

Royal correspondent Richard Palmer posted on Twitter that no one in the royal household supports Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's legal moves. He also said that the royals had distanced themselves from the duke, while royal aides also felt embarrassed for Prince Harry's behavior.

Meanwhile, despite all these controversies, Prince Harry managed the rest of the week with some positive vibes. He recently released a comedic video with singer Ed Sheehan in observance of World Mental Health Day.

The video, titled "Ginger Awareness," starts with Sheeran thinking that they were making a PSA about the bullying of redheads, as he and Prince Harry share a similar hair color. He thought Prince Harry was starting a new Gingers Unite charity.

The amusing bit is all part of a joke to raise awareness for mental health. Both the pop star and the royal later turned serious and said in the video that friends, family, and even strangers should look out for one another, especially those struggling with mental issues in silence.