'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 3 Showed How American Health Care System Needs Changing

Grey's Anatomy Season 16
The cast of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy." (Photo: Athena LeTrelle/Flickr)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Grey's Anatomy Season 16. Read at your own risk.

Grey's Anatomy Season 16 is now three episodes deep. Seeing what happened in the latest episode titled, Reunite, it seems that the show is taking a massive shift in its course dynamic. 

Love became the center of the episode. From the sisterly love that was shown among the original Charmed sisters, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs, to the "steadfast love" between Sooyoung and Bernie, who met again in the hospital after 60 years, the fans witnessed A more in-depth look at love. 

While this may be the theme of the episode, Cosmopolitan believes Grey's Anatomy Season 16 is getting on a much bigger and deeper course. It seemingly appears that they are starting to tackle the real problems in today's health care system

According to the publication, this aspect became even more apparent when problems started to arise in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital due to Meredith's absence. 

In the episode, a patient refused to have a "life-saving" surgery because Meredith isn't there. Jo, and the rest of the crew, even needed to "FaceTime" Meredith during the surgery to secure the patient. 

Bailey, being the chief head of the hospital who fired her best surgeons, did not like the idea. But, it needed to be done. It looked like she's still holding on to Meredith's insurance fraud, which, by the way, she only did to save a life.

Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 3 also showed how Bailey fired another surgeon because of Meredith. Entertainment Weekly reiterated the whole course.

As it happened, Dr. Qadri shared how she missed Meredith and revealed that she's the reason why she's there. As a response, Bailey fired her. 

Many fans are convinced that this won't be the only time when a staff of Grey Sloan Memorial would realize Meredith's absence at the hospital. Per reports, this might be the start of something new in the show. 

Meanwhile, Meredith's course of action is to point out all the errors in the current health care system. While she's not inside any OR, she's inside her mind tackling all the current problems. So, it seems that Grey's Anatomy Season 16 will try to make a change through Meredith's articles about the American health care system. 

Right now, a lot of viewers are fixed with the idea that the new season will bring significant shifts in its overall dynamic. This might end up being a "good thing," given how it mirrors today's problems in society, especially concerning the health care system.

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