'A Million Little Things' Season 2 Episode 4 Spoilers: Katherine Decides While Maggies Learns The Truth

A Million Little Things Season 2
Grace Park plays Katherine on ABC's "A Million Little Things." (Photo: SexyAndHotTv ./Flickr | Cropped)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers and predictions for A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 4. Read at your own risk.

Hopes for Katherine and Eddie's relationship are at an all-time high after what happened in A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3. The episode titled, Mixed Signals, centered on Katherine-Eddie and Maggie.

As it happened, Katherine made it known to Eddie that the whole situation is a "new territory" for her. After learning the fact that her husband is a father to Delilah's baby, she is now trying to accept everything. So, she warned Eddie that she would be sending a lot of mixed signals to him in the long run. 

Eddie responded to her by letting her know that he'll follow her lead. Hence, it seems that the "spark" is still apparent between the couple.

However, after Elite Daily released the promo for the next episode of A Million Little Things, fans are now seeing a different perspective about the matter. As revealed by the official synopsis, Katherine is now about to make a decision

As seen in the promo, Katherine may have learned everything. But, upon seeing Delilah and Charlie, it looks like that she still needs time. 

Delilah runs to catch her and tells her that she knows how difficult the situation is. Sadly, Katherine breaks down and responds that Delilah does not know a thing about what she's going through. 

With this situation at hand, it might not end up great for Eddie and Katherine. She's hurting, and deciding at the peak of her emotions is hinting that she might finally end things with Eddie for good.

While some fans are looking forward to Katherine's moving on without Eddie in her life, others are still hoping that they will end up together despite all the unfortunate events surrounding the family. Even so, these are just speculations based on the recently released trailer. Things might end up very differently than what most fans are expecting. 

Cartermatt contended that, whatever Katherine decides in the next episode, it might not be the endgame yet for the couple. Besides, it's still too early in the course of A Million Little Things. It will be a long way for everyone, especially for Katherine and Eddie.

Aside from Katherine's decision, Maggie's life will also be in the spotlight. According to the synopsis, she will learn something about her mother's new young fling, Eric's identity. 

As to what this revelation is all about, fans will need to catch the upcoming episode. Nevertheless, it will certainly be a life-changing revelation that might change her life permanently.

A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 4 titled, The Perfect Storm, is set to air on October 17, on ABC.

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