Det Carreon-Brooks

A journalist for 22 years, Det Carreon-Brooks is based is Palau, a small island nation in Micronesia. Det was born and raised in Manila, where she began her career in journalism in 1995, but most of her journalism career, however, was spent as a mainstream journalist and editor covering business, environment, political and fisheries news in Palau and in the Pacific region. Before moving to Palau, she worked for Today and Malaya newspapers in Manila, Philippines. She holds a degree in journalism from the University of Santo Tomas, one of the oldest universities in Asia.
  • Asian Development Bank

    Tourism Is Key To Economies In Asia And Pacific

    Tourism is playing a key role in the economies in Asia and the Pacific and while it could pose challenges, several nations are taking the path of sustainable tourism to protect its culture, tradition and natural resources.
  • Trump, Pacific Leaders Meeting

    Palau, RMI, FSM Leaders Meet US President Donald Trump

    Three of the United States strategic allies in the Pacific will meet President Donald Trump today for a historic meeting. An expanded military presence by America is the focus of the discussion amid growing China's influence in the region.
  • GDP

    Southeast Asian Nations To Benefit From Trade War

    Trade war continues to pose risks in the global economy but shows that Southeast Asian countries could be beneficiaries if the conflict escalates.
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