• Chinese Navy, Australian Navy

    First Time: China Joins Australia’s Largest Naval Exercise Involving 27 Countries

    Australia is scheduled to hold a massive maritime exercise involving 3,000 personnel. This military exercise is expected to host 3,000 personnel from 27 different countries and for the first time China is joining.
  • China Malaysia Meeting

    Malaysia’s Mahathir Understands China’s Importance

    Last month Malaysia’s firebrand Prime Minister and known critic of China Mahathir Mohamad landed in Beijing for a state visit. This is the Prime Minister’s first visit to the country, the last time being 33 years ago. Mahathir’s first official visit to China took place in November 1985.
  • LGBT Pride

    Grindr IPO Plans Shine Light on China LGBT Acceptance

    Grindr, widely considered as the world’s largest social-networking site that primarily caters to gays, have recently told the Shenzhen stock exchange that the company is planning to have in Initial Public Offering (IPO) overseas. Grindr owner, Beijing Kunlun Technology Co, did not publicize where or when the IPO will take place.
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping inspects troops at the People's Liberation Army

    President Xi Confident with Economy Despite Trade War

    China and the United States are currently tied to a bitter trade war. While some observers said that this will severely affect China’s economy, latest data reveal the contrary. Moreover, China’s President Xi Jinping assured the public that the economy holds steady despite the recent threat of trade tariffs from the United States.
  • China's Yuan

    China’s Yuan Getting Stronger Amidst US-China Trade War

    The US-China trade war is helping boost China’s long-term financial goal as the China’s Yuan is being maximized greatly in the international trade and financial deals.
  • Bonn Climate Change Conference - June 2013

    ‘Where Is Your Promise For Green Climate Fund,’ Developing Countries Ask Rich Nations

    In a recent Climate Change Conference in Thailand, many developing countries have asked clarification and verification on the earlier promise of richer countries to donate US$100-billion aid in dealing with climate change concerns.
  • Chinese children

    School of Behavioural Health Wants to Expand Child Life Service in China

    In 2017, a new School of Behavioral Health program that offers pediatric nurses from China the opportunity to be trained as Child Life Specialists was launched in Fall 2017. It is a product of a four-year exchange program visiting the School of Behavioral Health to the Zhejiang University Children’s Hospital (ZUCH).
  • China Stock Market

    Amidst Trade War, China Remains Committed to Developing Economies

    China’s influence over the global economic market continues to grow by the day. The country’s economy, deemed to be second in the world next to that of the United States, is now seen as a crucial part of the global market, especially that of developing economies.
  • Exxon Mobil CEO Darren Woods and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

    Exxon Deal Shows that China is Open for Business amid Tariff War

    Exxon Mobil Corp. closed a deal of a multibillion dollar petrochemical project and a gas import terminal with China. Analysts said that it shows that China is still open for business even though the trade tension between the two nations is feared to further escalate.
  • China business center

    Smaller Firms Receives VAT Exemption for Loan’s Interest Income

    Starting Sept. 1 until the end of 2020, China will exempt value-added tax (VAT) of interest income from loans of financing institutions to smaller firms. China’s finance ministry released the good news on Thursday on its website.
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