• British Pound Sterling banknotes are seen at the Money Service Austria company's headquarters in Vienna

    U.K. Manufacturing Fall Caused Pound to Drop

    Pounds value falls as an effect of the continuing poor performance of UK’s manufacturing and construction industry and the Brexit uncertainty. The pound fell by 0.7 percent compared to a dollar and 0.8 percent against euro.
  • President Trump sits behind his desk as he makes announcement about a bilateral trade deal with Mexico

    Trump Blames Attorney General Over Indictments of GOP

    President Trump blames Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the bust of two GOP lawmakers. The president expressed his statement in his tweets.
  • A worker checks a 500 Indian rupee note as a man fills diesel in containers at a fuel station in Kolkata

    Gasoline and Diesel Prices Increase in China

    Retail prices of gasoline and diesel in China was reported to increase on Tuesday as announced by the National Development and Reform Commission. Retail prices will increase by 180 Yuan or about $26.4 per tonne for gasoline and 170 Yuan for the diesel.
  • A worker places U.S. and China flags near the Forbidden City ahead of a visit by U.S. President Donald Trump to Beijing, in Beijing

    China-U.S. Trade War Intensifies; Rational Negotiations Called

    Former government leaders and research experts from both sides of China and the US call their leaders attention to rationally address the continuously inflamed trade war. They appealed that both sides should stop exchanging tariffs on each other to loosen up the tensions of their trade frictions.
  • J-20 Stealth Fighters

    Chinese Air Force Showcases New Sophisticated War Planes

    The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) aired for the first time on Tuesday a new 3-minute promotional video that showcases China’s most sophisticated and deadliest aircrafts as part of China’s military modernization.
  • Shipping containers are stacked at the Paul W. Conley Container Terminal in Boston

    China Focuses on Economic Reforms Amidst Trade War

    China will pursue changes in its economic policies amidst continuing trade war between the US and the country. Chinese President Xi Jinping stated that this administration is working to build an open world Chinese economy even though the tariff war with the US continuous.
  • Tourists look out into the skyline of the city from an infinity pool atop the 57-storey Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore

    Asia Pacific Tops Super-Rich List

    A recent Forbes data shows that the Asia Pacific region, along with China, has the most number of billionaires. This recent surge came in a time when China and the United States are entangled in a bitter trade war.
  • People's Pig

    African Swine Fever Hits China Hard

    The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture recently confirmed the sixth African swine fever case on Sunday. The department added that 134 hogs had died due to complications. The latest case was reported in Xuancheng city in the eastern Anhui province.
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference, Russia

    Blockchain Company to Support Chinese Forestry Industry

    Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County of Northern Sichuan province signed a business partnership with Hangzhou Yi Shu Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd, a new blockchain company to support their goal of developing its forestry industry. The agreement was reported by the local news outlet, China Net, on August 24.
  • A worker places U.S. and China flags near the Forbidden City ahead of a visit by U.S. President Donald Trump to Beijing, in Beijing

    Chinese Companies Growth Increase as US Postage Rates Rise

    US implemented an increase in the rate of their US Postal Service and the Chinese businesses increase growth as its effect. The increase in the postal rates in the US decreases the shipment costs of Chinese merchant’s products.
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